26 September 2014

"NSS" and "IDN" callsigns from Napoli

NSS: belongs to  Allied Joint Force Command (JFC)
IDN: belongs to Italian Navy
...but both the callsigns are operated from Napoli

Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Napoli (in short JFC Napoli) is a NATO military command based just outside of the town of Lago Patria in the region of Campania (before it was based in Bagnoli, near Napoli). It was activated on 15 March 2004, after what was effectively a redesignation of its predecessor command, Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH), originally formed in 1951. Commander JFC Napoli [1] reports to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Casteau, Belgium.
Commander, Allied Joint Force Command Napoli, is responsible for conducting the full range of military operations throughout the NATO Area of Responsibility (AOR) and beyond in order to deter aggression and to contribute to the effective defence of NATO territory and forces, safeguard freedom of the seas and economic lifelines and to preserve or restore the security of NATO nations.

About the callsigns in STANAG-4285

Nato Allied Joint Force Command Napoli broadcasts CARB [2] messages such as:

NSS Joint Force Command CARBs


And sometimes you can also see messages reporting the code legends such as:

C(2-16) CHECK

I asked some UDXF friends about the "NSS" callsign: below their comments.
Thomas M. Rösner answered:

 "US Navy use N-callsign for any of their (in cooperation, here for/by NATO) operated facilities around the world. In these STANAG transmissions, as you can see, they use the (ITU) NSS callsign for this station, which belong to the US Navy  (ex Annapolis MD [3], now "NAK") while before US Navy Naples used to be "NNI". Maybe they moved from US Navy COMMSTA's "NNI" to "NSS" while modified into a USN/NATO station, but I could be wrong."

"I believe the real NSS originates from the Davidsonville, MD complex and is alive and well on a number of frequencies with 50bd and 75bd secure FSK, Link-11 and STANAG4285. Sometimes ITU reports list it as “Washington”. I thought that the NSS CARB was associated with Rome, not Naples? Are they perhaps switching TX sites like a number of other Navies do with their STANAG4285 outlets (UK, Norway, etc)." , Mike Chace-Ortiz (aka mco) say.

So, these transmissions should not be logged (or confused) with similar STANAG transmissions which use the IDN callsign, since "IDN" is the callsign of the "real" domestic Italian Navy station there in Napoli. In fact, CARBs broadcasted by "IDN" report their own proper callsign:


IDR Italian Navy Rome CARBs

Surely, both the two stations are controlled from Napoli, but two different stations/operators and "customers".

NSS CARBs frequencies as reported in 2014 (at present day):
(USB/STANAG-4285/600L/5N1): 06218.2 06934.7

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