15 September 2014

COTHEN ALE Network (4-hours monitoring)

Last night I parked the FDM-S1/SW2 receiver (an SDR) on 11494.0 KHz/USB, from about 0030z to 0430z, to monitor and catch COTHEN's ALE Network traffic and ALE addresses (11494.0 is one of the frequencies operated by COTHEN Network). 

COTHEN is an HF ALE network that uses landlines to connect nineteen transmission sites spanning the nation in order to form one unified coverage area. Currently, the network has 19 sites, 89 remote communications consoles (RCC’s), and a TSC in Orlando, FL.
More and Ddtailed info about COTHEN network may be retrieved from:

Below, the results from my (latest) 4-hours monitoring:

OPB  0034 ALE/USB clg J18
FTM  0220 ALE/USB sndg
NLP  0226 ALE/USB sndg
ATL  0233 ALE/USB sndg
OMNI 0239 ALE/USB sndg
SLP  0245 ALE/USB sndg
D31  0313 ALE/USB sndg
SEA  0342 ALE/USB sndg
TSC1 0404 ALE/USB clg TSC
MEM  0427 ALE/USB sndg

ALE Call IDs (Remote Communications Transmitters /Base):
- OPB  OPBAT Service Center Nassau Bahamas, BAH
- FTM  Sarasota, FL
- ATL  Warm Springs,GA
- OMNI Omaha, NE
- SEA  Clinton, NC
- MEM  Senatobia, MS

ALE Call IDs (Mobile/Air):
- D31 CBP (Customs and Border Protection) P-3B "Slick" #N431SK/BuNo (voice call "OMAHA 31") @ Jacksonville, AMB
- J18 USCG (United State Coast Guard) MH-60J #6018 @ Coast Guard Air Station (CGAS) Clearwater, FL

unid assets:
- TSC1



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