22 June 2014

monitoring unid TSCP ALE identity

Reading some UDX Logs I noticed an interesting post from Kristian about unid  MIL-STD 199-141A trasmissions heard on 9005.0 and 9038.0 USB Khz. So yesterday (21 june) I parked two FDM-S1 V-receivers on those frequencies, monitoring  from 1400z to 1800z. These two receivers were connected via VAC to multipsk and PCAle,  ready to intercept and decode the unid MIL-STD 199-141A (ALE) trasmissions. 
Well, as reported by Kristian, I could receive soundings from the only ALE identity TSCP and just every 30 minutes (about), more precisely at hh:21-23 and hh:51-53. Other than Kristian the same recpetions (day and frequencies) have been logged by Ary and Bruno, both from UDX.

Since the 30 mins candence, could it be a US-Army Unit?

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