1 June 2014

short log (end of May)

02815.0    MTI: Royal Navy Plymouth UK 20:23 STANAG 4481/75/850 KG-84C crypto messages (30May14) (AA)
04132.7    : unid [pos. Ita - Navy?] 21:32 STANAG 4285/600L/3300 crypto (31May14) (AA)
07857.0    : CIS MIL 19:55 CIS-75/75/250 undecod tfc (29May14) (AA)
08632.6    : unid 20:02 STANAG-4285/1200L tfc crypto (28May14) (AA)
09883.0    V: unid 14:12 CW series of continuous V flw undecod strings of chars (28May14) (AA)
10559.2    DHJ59: German Navy Wilhelmshaven, D 20:47 STANAG 4285/600L/3300 crypto (31May14) (AA)
10712.0    : Russian Navy Pskov, RUS 12:18 BEE 36-50/200 Sync 0x1eb41eb2952 (28May14) (AA)
10984.0    : MIL RUS 12:37 MPSK-12/USB undecod (28May14) (AA)
11037.5    DDH9: DDW, GER 13:36 FSK/50/450 synops (27May14) (AA)
12840.5    PBB: Royal Navy Den Helder, HOL 12:27 FSK/75/850 02a 04b 06a 08b 12a 16a 22x pbb (29May14) (AA)
14655.5    : CIS/FAPSI Diplo RUS 12:56 USB/CROWD-36 (SERDOLIK) msgs krypto    (28May14) (AA)
15992.5    CAPITOLE: Commandement des Forces Aeriennes Strategiques (CFAS) Taverny, FRA 11:07 J3E 

               wkg OMAL, OMAM, OMAA (providing meteo info in france) (28May14) (AA)
16111.0    : Russian Navy, RUS  14:10 BEE 36-50/200 Sync 0x1414bebe952 (31May14) (AA)
17341.0    SVO: Olympia Radio, GRC 11:55 USB YL greek language news (29May14) (AA)

decoding STANAG-4481 trasmissions from MTI Royal Navy, Plymouth

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