18 May 2014

mini-log (12-17 May)...

...due to a fracture of a finger (right hand).
...a causa di una frattura di un dito della mano destra.

05521.5    M21: RUS Russian Air Defense 23:12 CW 99T315 99T316??T??? -> 99T324??T??? (time signals?)    (17May14) (AA)
10066.0    GS06: HFDL Hat Yai, THA 22:00 Arinc-635 wkg flight 8UO217    (14May14) (AA)
10153.0    NAA: US Navy, Cutler ME or AFA Davidsonville, MD 22:47 FSK/50/850 crypto tfc   (17May14) (AA)
15834.0    CM6: Algerian Air Force Biskra, ALG 13:31 ALE/USB clg COF    (14May14) (AA)
15959.0    NSS: Usa-N Washington, US 21:45 FSK 75/850 crypto tfc    (14May14) (AA)
16140.0    2011: Moroccan DGSE or Civil Defence, MRC 13:56 USB/ALE Calling 221 2    (12May14) (AA)
16140.0    2011: Moroccan DGSE or Civil Defence, MRC 13:48 USB/ALE Calling 2415     (12May14) (AA)
16720.0    MI6Y: Enigma M89 Chinese Forces, CHN 14:25 CW "pgg9 pgg9 pgg9 de mi6y mis6y v" (13May14) (AA)
16808.0    : Russian Navy 17:04 BEE 36-50/200 message start Sync 0x1eb41eb2952    (13May14) (AA)
16942.1    : Unid 19:32 CIS 12-FIRE/USB encrypted tfc (17May14) (AA)
16951.5    6WW: French Navy Dakar, SEN 19:20 STANAG-4285/600L FAAA DE 6WW     (17May14) (AA)
17106.7    FUF: France Navy Fort de France Martinique 21:55 STANAG-4285/1200L crypto    (17May14) (AA)
19123.7    : MFA Cairo, EGY 11:24 ARQ Sitor-A/100/170 selcalling SSTE + msgs ending with HUXD     (14May14) (AA)
19201.0    RCV: Russian Navy Sevastopol UKR 12:50 CW weather reports/forecasts East Mediterranean     (14May14) (AA)
20287.0    : British Forces Cyprus, CYP 12:55 USB/STANAG 4285/2400/3300 crypto (full speed 8ary-PSK)    (16May14) (AA)
22417.0    NKW: NSF Diego Garcia, DGA 1220 FSK/50/850 crypto tfc    (16May14) (AA)

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