13 April 2016

Nokia Adaptive MSG-Terminal, FSK 301Bd/780

heard this morning (April, 13) on 10226.7  KHz (cf) at 0814 UTC: only one transfer, maybe due to bad propagation? Signal is an FSK-2 modulation at 301 Baud and 780 Hz shift (pic. 1), most likely from Finnish Intelligence.
Pic. 1
The signal is chacterized by several harmonics (pic. 2) and is suggested to be originated from a Nokia Adaptive MSG Terminal, as reported in two interesting topics from radioscanner forum:
The former just refers to this waveform while the latter refers to the M85200 M/90 Nokia Adaptive MSG Terminal:  the heard signal is probably a new variant/modem.
A possible period length is 16 bit (pic. 3) but since this modem uses the Manchester coding the source stream has a 8 bit period.

Pic. 3
Pic. 4

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